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Träffa inredningsarkitekten Emilie

"The perfect opportunity to meet and talk about your home project"

Emilie Lagrange är inredningsarkitekten från Frankrike som kan hjälpa dig med allt ifrån planlösning, design och val av inredning och möblering. Hon har sin egen monter på Hem, Villa & Bostadsrätt och även personliga rådgivningstider på Rådgivningstorget. 

Boka en 20 minuters sittning för att prata om ditt hem. Rådgivningen är gratis vid bokning på plats. Om du vill säkra din tid för en personlig rådgivning med Emilie Lagrange kan du köpa en garantiplats online.

Hi Emilie! Tell us about you and your business!

– My name is Emilie Lagrange and I’m an interior architect from France. I graduated from the School for Interior Architecture ESAIL in Lyon after 5 years of studies. I moved to Paris in 2008 and after a few years of work I started my own business in 2014. From 2m2 kitchens to houses in the suburbs, Paris was the perfect playground to learn how to make the most out of every square meter.

– But the lack of space, nature and a peaceful and quiet lifestyle made me want to live and conduct my business somewhere else. I put my business online, offering layout solutions by email and advice consultations on Skype, and moved to Stockholm in November 2015. Today, after 3 years in Stockholm, I’m still working online with customers from France but I’m also working on site here in Stockholm for renovation projects and customization of layouts in real estate development.

What will your participation look like at Hem, Villa & Bostadsrätt?

– I have my own stand (A12:61) where the visitors can come and talk to me and see a series of before and after pictures of previous projects. I will also be available for a more private consultation at Rådgivningstorget (A18:39) twice a day. (Se tiderna får rådgivningen här »)

– For people who are facing difficulties with the layout and the decoration of their home or future home, Hem, Villa & Bostadsrätt creates a good place for us to meet and talk so I can offer my help and services. This is also a perfect opportunity for the visitors to discover the possibilities offered by interior architecture and see how it can benefit their own home project.

What does it mean to be an interior architect?

Emilia Lagrange– For me the concept of interior architecture is to make the walls and furniture fit your life and not the other way around. I find the solution to adapt the place to make your everyday life as easy as possible. This is the best way to reach the feeling of well-being which is so important in our stressful lives today.

– Interior architecture is first about transforming the structure of the space, the walls and the volumes of the rooms. For example to plan a kitchen, to create an extra room or making a harmonious open-space out of 3 smaller rooms. It’s also about the colors, the materials, the light and the furniture.

What kind of services do you offer?

– Advice consultation on site or online, project study and building site supervision are the services I offer. An advice consultation is a time during which I provide ideas while talking to you, the customer, to find the solutions that suit you so you can continue with your project on your own.

– A project study, followed by the building site supervision, is a step by step guidance, where I create the design, every drawing, 3D images and details according to your wishes. I then organize and follow the building work until the project is brought to life.

– Hem, Villa & Bostadsrätt is the perfect opportunity to meet and talk about your home project.

What questions will you be able to answer?

– As an interior architect, I can help find the layout solution people are looking for and give advices to enhance it with details, colors and materials. Based on the plan and pictures they will show me, we will discuss ideas for the room of their choice or a specific topic. Here are some examples:

- layout of a kitchen or bathroom,
- feedback on a real estate plan,
- how to create or optimize storage space,
- design of a master bedroom,
- adding a new room,
- making a bedroom look bigger/lighter,
- planning the furniture of the living room

How did you first hear about Hem, Villa & Bostadsrätt?

– When I moved to Stockholm I had to get to know the market for interior architecture. I searched for information about companies and fairs that had interior architecture as a field and so I found Hem, Villa & Bostadsrätt. I thought it would be a perfect information and networking resource as well as an opportunity to get in touch with people looking for help with their interior.